Bookings are taken either over the telephone or via our web-site booking form, you can get an on-line quote first to check the total cost.
The payment of all kind of bookings can be done only by cash the day of your arrival at Airport Smart Parking.
Advance bookings help us to manage availability of parking spaces so we can advise customers of times when the Car Park is full and offer high quality service.

After you have booked

When you book online you will receive a confirmation email automatically.

Please print out these details and bring them to the Car Park, if you have booked by telephone these details can be emailed to you on request. Details of directions can be found on contact us page of our website (

It is customer’s responsibility to find our facilities and arrive on time.

Airport Smart Parking declines any responsibility for any delay due to not finding the car park.


All bookings are subject to a minimum cost of the equivalent of 24hrs parking (1 day) unless otherwise agreed by the company.
Customers turning up on the day without booking may be refused parking if the Car Park is full or for any other reason at the companies discretion.

Every booking includes one entry, one exit and the use of the shuttle to and from the airport.
Any exit is definitive, even before the end of the booking term specified in the Order.

All bookings are valid only for the date range initially booked. In case of no show on the arrival date booked the booking is not valid anymore.

Cancellations and Amendments

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the commencement of the booked parking period by calling directly the car park or by using the link provided with the confirmation email.

Amendments to the type of car and registration must be made 24 hours before arrival time by phone call or email otherwise entrance into the car park may be denied or cause delay.
Amendments to the times and date of arrival must be made 24 hours before the arrival time by phone call or email.
Amendments to the times and date of return should be made 24 hours before arrival by phone call or email. If this is not possible then they must be amended at the time of arrival at the Car Park.

In the case of no show at the return date given or in case customer needs to extend the booking after the booking has begun, a new booking will automatically begin at the date and time of the return indicated at the initial booking with the following rates:

1 day   - 16€

2 days - 18€

3 days - 20€

4 days - 22€

5 days - 24€

6 days - 26€

7 days - 28€

8 days - 30€

+3€ for any extra day.

Any bookings taken by third party web-sites (agencies, etc...) can be managed (cancel, amend) only by them. Airport Smart Parking is only responsible to provide you their contact numbers, emails or websites.

Prices and Payments

The Price will be the price quoted either by online booking form or phone call and must be paid in Euro.
Payment can be only by cash. Debit card, credit card and cheques are no longer accepted and it can be only at the date and time of your arrival at the car park.
Vehicles that are picked up after the agreed collection time are subject to charges at the daily rate (without any discount).
All monies outstanding due to delays or changes in return date must be paid in full before the vehicle is released.
Trailers, large vans and similar motor vehicles are subject to a surcharge which may or may not be quoted in the booking price.

Operating Hours

Airport Smart Parking operates on 24/7 basis therefore the gate remains closed after the last customer at 00:00 up to 04:00 for security reasons. For the same reason our gates remain closed sometimes even during the day and open only at the time the customer mention on the booking.

Any bookings before 04:00 cannot be accepted.
For any emergency, access will be given by calling a specific emergency number indicated at the entrance of the Car Park. (00:00 - 05:00)
In case of flight delays after 00:00 Car Park will remain open to collect the last clients from the airport.

Arrival at the Car Park

Suggested arrival time is 2 hours prior to the gate closure. (3 hours on high season)

For arrivals less than 2 hours prior to the gate closure Airport Smart Parking cannot be held responsible for missed flights or any extra costs occured.

It is customer’s responsibility to arrive on time at the Car Park.

In case of early arrival is at company’s discretion if the Shuttle will be dispatched direct or not.

In case of late arrival customers should be aware that may another customer is expected soon and the Shuttle should remain at the Car Park waiting also for him/her.
Airport Smart Parking declines any responsibility for missed flights and other costs occurred because of late arrival. Even its staff will try to do its best so that every customer will remain satisfied.

Customers will be asked to park their vehicle at the place a staff member will indicate, then the customer will be asked to verify all the information given with the booking which is written on the contract such as return date and time, returning passengers, destination, etc…
There is a 20 km/h speed limit that must be adhered to at all times. Vehicles must be left in a roadworthy condition at the beginning of the stay. Vehicles must not contain any dangerous or illegal substances.

Vehicles shall not be towed into the Car Park without prior consent of the company.

Transport to the Terminal

Our insured drivers will drive you safe and sound to the airport in our 8+1 seated Shuttles always with respect to the traffic laws.

Be aware that there could be other passengers during the transport as the Shuttle is not personal. Journey from Car Park to Airport Terminal will take 7-10 minutes in normal conditions.
The company cannot be held responsible for delays caused by traffic congestion, vehicle breakdown or other causes beyond our control resulting in losses that might be suffered.
Driver may ask the owners of heavy cases to load and unload them themselves if they are deemed to be of an unsafe lifting weight.

More passengers than the number is mentioned on the contract cannot be accepted. (Including the driver) Its customer’s responsibility to inform the Car Park if more or less passengers will be at the return.

The shuttle is for free only for the dates initially booked.

Any extra use of our shuttle except the transfer to and from the airport which is included to the initial booking, will be charged 16€.


Airport Smart Parking is manned 24/7, there is CCTV and also guard dogs. Despite this Airport Smart Parking and the owner of the car park decline all responsibility of any reason for any damages, even minor ones, that might occur in the car park, including accidents, thefts, physical damages, explosions or fires.

Return at the Car Park

It is Customers responsibility to contact the Car Park by phone and inform for his/her arrival only after the collection of the luggage and the Customs control.
In case there is no mobile phone the customer can find public phones at the terminal.

Even we are able to monitor the arrivals we cannot be aware of any other delays since the customer will exit the airplane such as police controls, customs controls, delays in luggage collection etc...

It is customer’s responsibility to find the meeting point on time so that we will avoid delaying other customers arrived the same time.
The meeting point will be the same as the drop off and the client will be informed for this by the staff. A flyer with instructions will be given at the arrival at the car park.

Respect of the private life - treatment of the personal data

In the context of their contractual relations, the parties undertake to comply with the regulations in force applicable to the processing of personal data and, in particular, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27/04 / 2016 (RGPD).

The customer irrevocably makes available to Airport Smart Parking, free of charge, personal data collected through its website and agrees that Airport Smart Parking uses and transmits this data for advertising, marketing and commercial purposes.

By consenting to the introduction or disclosure of personal data or the conclusion of a contract with Airport Smart Parking, customers consent to the collection and use of their personal data in the manner defined below.

Airport Smart Parking collects personally identifiable information (name, address, phone number, email address, IP addresses, cookies, vehicle details, flight data).

Airport Smart Parking uses customer data for business management, the promotion of its products and services and the establishment of statistics on the use of the site for a period of 5 years.

The customer agrees that his data will be used and transmitted to third parties for advertising, marketing or commercial purposes and agrees to receive information about his email address (newsletter, etc.).

Right of access: the customer has the right to ask at any time if his data have been collected, for how long and for what purpose.
Right of rectification: the customer has the right to request that his fake or incomplete data be corrected or completed at any time on simple.
Right to limit processing: the client may request a limitation of the processing of his data. This means that the data in question must be "marked" in our computer system and can not be used for a certain period of time.
Right to erase data ('right to be forgotten'): Subject to the exceptions provided for by law, the customer has the right to demand that his data be erased. If the customer wishes to disable the possibility for Airport Smart Parking to proceed with the use of his personal data, he simply has to write to the address
Right to erase data ('right to be forgotten'): Subject to the exceptions provided for by law, the customer has the right to demand that his data be erased.
Right to data portability: The customer can request that his data be transmitted to him in a "structured format, commonly used and machine readable".
Right of complaint: The customer can lodge a complaint with the data protection authority.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Airport Smart Parking and these terms are governed by Belgian law. Any dispute relating to Airport Smart Parking or to these terms will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court in Charleroi.

Any customer proceeds to a booking via our web-site or via telephone or any ageny accept and acknowledge these terms and conditions.


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