Our rates
Duration Parking Price
1 day 17.00€
2 days 17.00€
3 days 20.00€
4 days 20.00€
5 days 21.50€
6 days 23.50€
7 days 27.50€
8 days 29.50€
9 days 31.50€
10 days 33.50€
11 days 35.00€
12 days 37.50€
13 days 39.50€
14 days 43.50€
15 days 47.50€
15+ days 2,00€ for any extra day


Our rates are based on calendar days, arrival an departure day included.

Subject to change.

VAT and municipal tax included.

We offer high quality service at the lowest price!

Our car park is located 5 minutes from Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Our drivers  will drop you off, with our shuttle bus, within few minutes at the terminal and will remain at your disposal just with a phone call for your return. We are available for you 24/7. You can enjoy your holidays or business trip in peace of mind when your car is parked with us. Our prices include VAT and the shuttle to and from Charleroi Airport (Brussels South Charleroi Airport).


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Shuttle Service from 4 a.m. to midnight

In case of flight delays after midnight the car park remains open to retrieve your car but the last shuttle is up to midnight.